The Forensics of Justice

Written by Joe Dardano

What is justice? On the surface, it seems it is the fair allocation of circumstances and life conditions for all people. The Jesuit Catholic order teach that believers must make “structural changes” to laws to bring justice for all people. But that is not in accord with reality, nor the Bible. If a human being commits sin and refuses to seek forgiveness, both natural law and the Bible teach us that that person will experience the negative consequences of sin, regardless of race, color of skin, age, gender or nationality. And state laws have no impact on the human will that is invariably influenced by sin. We are in control of our will and decisions we make on a day to day basis. No human effort can alleviate the negative fallout that sin produces. The spiritual and emotional negative impact of sin is designed by God so that humanity can choose him to realize truth, beauty and eternal happiness. The Bible teaches that that true human joy comes from walking uprightly, living a life that is blameless and from seeking God with one’s whole heart. Those who truly seek God commit no injustice. The solution to “injustice” is essentially faith and integration of God’s ways in the life of humanity (Psalm 119: 1-3).

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Joe Dardano

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