Peter Walking on Water

Written by Joe Dardano

In Matthew 14:30, Peter started to walk on water. He was successful. He actually walked on water…until he noticed the strong wind and fear took over his thoughts and emotions. Then he started to sink and thus cried out to Jesus “Lord save me!” Did you ever wonder how and why he started successfully to walk on water ? According to the Bible it was his inner belief that helped him conquer nature. His mind and emotions were united in a singular faith that had him believe he could walk on water…but then his inner eye of faith gave way to what he saw externally around him. He saw strong winds and then that inner belief succumbed to fear which led to doubt. Fear and doubt are destructive. If your prayers are continually unanswered, you may want to check your thoughts and emotions and ultimately your expectations. If you pray for “X” you need to ask yourself, “do I think “X” will come true?” And “Do I feel “X” will come true? Finally, do “I expect “X” to come true? 

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Joe Dardano

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