Jesus Needed a Dad

Written by Joe Dardano

Mary the mother of Jesus was pledged to Joseph in marriage; but before the ceremony Joseph found out she was pregnant. Joseph being a righteous Jew did not want to embarrass Mary and considered divorcing her quietly. However, an angel of the Lord convinced Joseph otherwise through a message delivered in a dream. Now, we know God is all powerful and had put to service all types of people throughout sacred history (ie. Rahab). God the Father could have permitted Mary to raise Jesus as a single mother, although it would have been difficult and wrought with all sorts of cultural and economic barriers. Nevertheless, God wanted Jesus to have an earthly Father, so he sent an angel to Joseph to explain the divine origin of the pregnancy. To properly nurture and encourage the growth of the child Jesus, God clearly sees the importance of the real presence of a father. If God wanted Jesus to grow up being loved by a father and mother in the home, does he not wish that for all his children?

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Joe Dardano

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