Its a Path & Flow

Written by Joe Dardano

God, Wisdom, and the Holy Spirit travel in another dimension but humans who voluntarily enter the Kingdom of God are able to discern their activity. In the Holy Bible these are described in metaphorical terms: “the words of the mouth are deep waters; the fountain of wisdom a gushing stream (Prov. 18:4). This verse has direct relation to John 7:38 “out of the believer’s heart shall flow rivers of living water.” These two scriptures join together to describe an experiential reality when one places their utmost trust in the living God for guidance, care and direction in life. In utilizing the metaphors of “living water” and “gushing stream” God teaches us there is no limit to the lengths and depths of concern God has for us. In God’s paternal interest for our welfare, there exists in His heart limitless energy and love for our well being. When we cooperate with God’s plan for our lives, we begin to live in a divine path whereby we sense a flow in our lives as if we are shooting down a river of activity, sensing that God’s hand is present in every turn and circumstance. Sometimes we see signs of God’s grace; in other occasions uncertainty and fear clouds our way but faith begs us to keep persevering until God reveals more to us. In the meantime, as we strive in this path, enthusiasm and joy overtake our beings. The decision to abandon all things to God produces such an overwhelming joy that the Gospel of Matthew compares it to the merchant who searches for fine pearls, and when he finds that one pearl, he sells all he owns to purchase it (Matt 13:45). The joy of finding a rare pearl resonates with the inner joy of gushing stream of love within, a river of living water that never dries up. Certainly, the essence and origin of life is in the living God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; from this line came the Messiah who voluntarily gave his life for us for the remission of sins. When one realizes that God loves us so much that he died for us (John 3:16), then the enthusiasm for life will be like a gushing stream within because the monumental nature of sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The degree of oceanic energy emitting from our daily living will be in proportion to the depth of our abandonment to God in all facets of our lives and related to the profuntidy of our understanding of God’s sacrificial love for humanity.

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Joe Dardano

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