Christians Must Move Forward

Written by Joe Dardano

In the book of Luke chapter 9 verse 62, we read Jesus admonition that those who take the plough and look back are not fit for the kingdom of God. The Christian life is a forward looking lifestyle with Heaven as the ultimate goal. In Genesis 19, Lots wife paid the price for turning back toward Sodom and turned into a pillar of salt. God led her out of Sodom but her sentiment was to turn back. We need to trust God’s leading and continue moving ahead even though we may feel like going back to the old routine. We need to be striving forward to edge closer to heaven everyday and the decisions we make on earth should help orchestrate our path toward the celestial realm. Quite often those daily decisions involve staying focussed on the path God has laid out for us and not getting distracted. A successful Christian once told me that his happiness in life was significantly influenced by his propensity to “not look at the rear view mirror.” As it states in Phil¬†3:13, “forgetting the things that are behind I press forward toward my goal.” In the parable of the merchant searching for fine pearls, the merchant was looking, searching, seeking, striving. This is the Christian life, look toward the end and work backwards.¬†

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