Give God 10%

Written by Joe Dardano

Most of my life I have been afraid of committing all my finances to God. For years, those preaching & teaching tithing 10% of your gross income put uncomfortable feelings in my gut. Yes tithing has been a practice in Judeo Christian tradition since Abraham and Jacob. Abraham gave Melchizedek 10% of all his bounty and Jacob vowed to tithe after his vision of seeing angels climb up and down the ladder. In the Bible, the command to tithe is found in the Book of Proverbs, Malachi and Hebrews. Nevertheless, I have battled fear to trust God with 10% of all I earn. Last March as my business was breaking out of the Covid-19 funk, God urged me to tithe from my business 10% of gross earnings, not just occasionally but regularly, systematically and automatically. I chose charities that I felt strongly about and put them on auto-pay. While I was doing this, I kept adjusting and refining right up to November 2021. After several months, I have experienced 60% growth in gross revenue. The blessings followed the increased tithing. What has given me peace is that I organized and committed my tithing to allocate my trust in God as sole provider. If I did it for the blessings, I would be expecting gifts daily and living my life full of expectations, setting myself up for sorrow. Instead, God asked me just to give and not let the right hand know what the left is doing. My heart’s disposition is most important. Jesus pointed this out in the parable about the widow put two pennies in the coffer. Her tithe was more impactful than others who tithed from their excess. The lesson is linked to trusting God with your earnings. When we trust God, we truly believe that He is 100% in control of our earning potential.

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