Godly Desires

Written by Joe Dardano

It is no secret that desires of the heart, conditioned with great feeling & emotion produce great results in your life. An old Irish Proverb states “your feet will take you where your heart is.” The things that inspire you to action, are the things that you hold closely in your heart. If your heart is not right with God, then pray that your desires conform to His desires. That prayer may take time to come into fruition, but faithfully persist and God will grant it eventually, as it is His will to do so. When we live according to God’s will, we find happiness and inner joy: “happy are those who live in your house, ever singing your praise. Happy are those whose strength is in you, in whose heart are the highways to Zion” (Psalm 84: 4-5). The happy person loves things that God loves and when that heightened emotion is embedded within one’s character, it leads to actions that are in sync with God’s will. This is how the heart becomes “a highway to Zion” because you love what God loves, and then that motivates you to take action and do good. Happiness is essentially the main goal of the human heart and when the heart is whole and desires undivided, we can achieve inner joy as we meet God in the process of living (Psalm 86:4-12).

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Joe Dardano

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