God Has Our Number

Written by Joe Dardano

I firmly believe that God grants us the days we spend on earth, according to His purpose and will (Proverbs 9:11). Any effort to interfere with that assignment that God has reserved for Himself is futile. Through common sense, we can assist our health and welfare with good diet and exercise but we ultimately cannot dictate the outcomes or control the days God grants us on earth. The current paranoia about protecting the world against the dangers of COVID-19 has been compared to someone being annoyed by a fly in the house and deals with that fly by burning the whole house down. Many have argued that the cure in the COVID-19 governmental response is worse than the disease itself. One case in point is that more people died from suicide in Japan in October 2020 than from all COVID-19 deaths in that country all year. The fallout due to governmental response to COVID-19 will likely continue for many more years. One question that continues to resonate is how human interaction will be adversely affected by government intervention. Will government intervention be so intrusive that people’s rights and freedoms become encroached to unreasonable levels? Will this continue for many years? Will lawlessness increase to the point where the love of many will grow cold? (Matthew 24:12) Will people hug each other again? Shake hands? Ultimately our greatest comfort is to rely on God for His protection, practice common sense and know that our beginning and end rests on the will of God who is the Alpha and Omega (Revelation 1:8).

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Joe Dardano

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