Preach to Please God & Win Converts

Written by Joe Dardano

As Christians we are tasked to preach Jesus Christ as Savior of the world; to tell the Good News with joy. If an unbeliever scoffs at the news of salvation, we are not obliged to debate or contest ideas about the meaning of life. We simply “shake the dust off our feet” and move on (Luke 10: 10-11). A messenger of God needs to do the work of God and not fall into the trap of people pleasing. A preacher should not structure the message to tickle the ears of listeners; rather they are charged to deliver the truth because life and death weigh in the balance. When preachers or evangelists work with sincere motive to deliver the truth, then the power of God is in their midst (Luke 10: 17). Miracles happen. The sick are healed, the deaf hear and the blind see. If power is not present, then there is something amiss. As many in the contemporary world scoff at the Christian message, one reason could be that they do not see the power of God working. For the power of God to work, Christians need to keep the message simple and direct. They need not worry or be concerned about “Christianity as an institution” but rather focus on the relationship the unbeliever could have with Jesus Christ and how their lives could be enriched by entering into a relationship with God.

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Joe Dardano

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