Power in Persistent Prayer

Written by Joe Dardano

In Genesis 18:20-32, Abraham persisted in asking God if he would spare destroying Sodom if only a small coterie of righteous people were in their midst. Every time Abraham questioned God, reducing the number of people from fifty to ten, God responded that he would show mercy and spare that town even if only ten righteous people lived there. Certainly this dialogue is an illustration of God’s love and grace toward humanity. God would not wipe out a town if there existed a small number of righteous people. Then, in Genesis 19, we read that God rained down sulfur on Sodom and destroyed it. In keeping his pledge, God ushered Lot, his wife and two daughters outside of Sodom before bringing fire upon it. This story certainly lends power to Abraham’s persistent intercession. The work of Abraham to persistently press God to administer justice in Sodom had impact on the salvation of Lot and his family. The story should inspire us to persist in our petitions to God for the salvation, good health, prosperity and eternal life of people God has placed in our lives. They are in our lives for a divine purpose; therefore, are we making most of our time together on earth praying for abundant blessings for the people we know and love? Or do we waste the time God grants us with resentments, jealousy and bitterness toward others?

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Joe Dardano

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