Covid-19: Attempting to Control Death

Written by Joe Dardano

The unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic inspired governments all over the world to shut down. Why did people react this way? Was it to save lives? Was it to consolidate political power? Was it an opportunity for many previously unknown bureaucrats to suddenly jump into the media spotlight to garner temporary fame and fortune? Only God can look into the hearts of people to discern motives; nevertheless, one can safely say that a herd mentality, the disposition to follow the path tread by another was also part of this phenomenon. When one state or region shut down, another followed suit in like-minded fashion, without delay. I do not pretend to know the hearts of people in power making these decisions; but I wonder if the advancement of science and technology, leaves people with the illusory idea that mankind can somehow control life and death. People in public discourse do not say it, but do they act like it? Were the actions to shut down businesses globally and control human interaction with the new term “social distancing” a proclamation that “humanity can control life and death?” In most instances, technology was a substitute to communicate between humans when things had to get accomplished. Is humanity assigning responsibility to conduct day to day business to Artificial Intelligence? And thus are we, in fact, trending speedily into an Orwellian dystopia? I do not have any concrete proof of such a theory, but I will share some numbers that, in my mind, tells me that God is still in control no matter how advanced our technology. In British Columbia, Canada, from the onset of Covid-19 to July 1st 2021, there have been 1754 deaths attributed to COVID-19, a 16 month period where municipalities and provincial health authorities and members of parliament worked feverishly to control the transmission of the virus and prevent death. Yet in a recent heat wave in the province wreaked more devastating consequences. It has been estimated in the local media that 719 people died within a 5 day period of the recent, extreme heat wave, mostly elderly people with underlying conditions. Can health officials or elected government servants prevent a sudden heat wave or direct people to activities to prevent death? Certainly not. We cannot pretend to be God, when God himself is Lord of all (1 Samuel 2:6).

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