3 Tips to change your finances now!

Written by Joe Dardano

In Matthew 23:23-26, Jesus teaches us to put first things first and prioritize all matters of the law. The theme in this section is to follow the law for the right reasons, to honor and do good for others rather than to strive and look good in front of peers. The latter notion is self-indulgence and self-serving which can skew one’s perspective easily. Jesus hammers this point home by saying those who preach a distorted message mistakingly strain out a gnat but swallow a camel. A modern equivalent is like saying someone misses the whole forest by focussing only on several small trees. In truth, Jesus wants us to get right with God first, clean up our minds, motives and intentions and get our hearts right with God the Father and then our outer appearance in front of peers will be in place. Many want to do good things to look good in front of others, solely for that purpose, perhaps to move forward in status or esteem. In terms of finance and prosperity, our perspectives can be easily distorted or out of whack. We may be broke or living paycheck to paycheck.The temptation if we are in this circumstance is to blame others: the government, the president, the bank, mom or dad, etc.. To be successful, one needs to change oneself first. What are you doing to turn your finances around? Do you have a monthly budget established? Have you made a list of all your expenses? Have you documented all your income? These are three pratical tips to move you forward today.

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Joe Dardano

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