Evil Cannot Bring Good

Written by Joe Dardano

In Christian philosophical thinking, good creates good and evil creates evil. Good cannot come from evil and evil cannot come from good. The teaching is reflected in the good tree that bears good fruit and the bad tree producing bad fruit (Matthew 7:17-18). Often we can be confused, or the actual origin of good fruit can be hidden until revealed that that particular origin is essentially rooted in evil an spirit. What do we do when we are given revelation that a good thing is actually rooted in evil? The teaching in Scripture tells us the spiritual state of the one consumed by evil is more important that the seemingly good fruits. In Mark 5, Jesus heals a man possessed by a demon called “Legion.” When Jesus casts out the demons and sent them into the herd of pigs, who then headed over a cliff and drowned, the town asked Jesus to leave. A non believer would see this as economic asset as being more important than the salvation of a human soul. Of course, God sees this the other way around; that a human soul is more important than an economic asset. A similar story occurs in Acts 16: 16-24, whereby a slave girl possessed by a demon was making prophecies for the slave owners and earning them an income. After Paul and Silas cast out the demon, they were beaten, flogged and jailed. The town supported the angry slave owners whose income was destroyed by a healing. Productive economic activity is very good, but no at the cost of the salvation of souls. In both cases, the residences of those villages needed to thank God for the deliverance of those souls from demonic captivity. And then, they needed to trust that God would provide more income from another source.

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