Who is this God?

Written by Joe Dardano

To many unbelievers, God can be cruel and arbitrary, lending them reason not to believe or place their faith in Him. Psychologists often analyze that if God appears mean and unfair its because of some traumatic childhood experience, often linking their fearful experiences with parents as the root cause. This could lead to years of introspection, therapy and rehabilitation. The Bible teaches us that our image of God is often a reflection of what we are ourselves in our current self image and disposition in life. To the pure in heart, God is seen as pure; to the blameless, God is understood as blameless and to the crooked, God is believed to be perverse (Psalm 18: 25-26). If my personality is a stumbling block for my image of God, I can experiment for 30 days and live in a new way. If I am selfish and cruel, I can attempt to be more generous for 30 days and more compassionate toward others. After doing this, I find that my image of God changes. If I practice love toward others, I tend to see a loving and caring God working in my life. If I am faithful to those I love close to me, I find that God is a steadfast and faithful God, never abandoning me.

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Joe Dardano

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