Why is Gratitude Important?

Written by Joe Dardano

New Age philosphy is incomplete. In this philosophical tradition, the idea of gratitude is often taught as necessary for us to obtain the things we want in life. Like most of New Age thinking, this is partially true. New Agers evoke a following because they speak partial truths and awaken listeners because what they say and teach seems logical and workable, but it lacks wholeness and is essentially incomplete in its argumentation. When pushed to the limits, it cannot answer simple questions. For example, why do we need to be grateful? There must be a logical rationale for living in a state of gratitude. In Christianity, the reason is given, and that reason is that Jesus Christ died for us when we did not even deserve it. God acted gracefully–offering us love and redemption while we were still sinners (Romans 5: 1-8). Jesus offered grace to the woman at the well (John 4: 5-42); although she was steeped in sin, he did not scorn her but taught her about worship and truth. The result was that many people came to believe in Christ the Messiah. In Exodus 17: 3-7 the tribes of Isreal were moaning and complaining to Moses about lack of food and water. They were ungrateful; but God extended grace to them and gave them a sign at Meribah. They did not deserve that sign because they lacked faith in God as provider. Yet God gave them a sign anyway and helped Moses strengthen his leadership over the people. Therefore, gratitude is important because God helps us when we are still sinners. He extends a hand of friendship while we show ingratitude towards Him. He loves us even when we do not love Him. So be grateful today for a loving God who loves us despite our rebellion.

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