Why are you attracted to debt?

Written by Joe Dardano

There are many reasons why people attract debt, perhaps too many to discuss here. Regardless, debt is an important condition that Scripture addresses. The Lord’s Prayer mentions debt as something to be forgiven so that we can be forgiven. The Lord’s Prayer teaches us to have mercy on others who can impact our lives negatively and that is often measured on how much mercy we show to those under our power. On a psychological level, debt grows in someones life because that person is always wanting something. Debt like a credit card, which is easy to obtain, is a prime example of this concept. When a company issues a credit card to someone, the mental condition of the one getting the card is as if they received free money, but it is not free money. It is credit. it is permission to spend but then you have to pay back, often times with interest. People who collect multiple cards are people who want to get something from others. True prosperity is the action of going out and giving something to others: “go and make disciples of all the nations.” (Mat.28:19) The command from God is to go out and give something of yourself to others, not stay still and take from others. The initiative to go out, to share, to bless, to market, to sell to thrust one’s gift into the circulation of activity is the preferred activity sanctioned by God. Real wealth results from the predispostion to go outward and give to the world the gifts one has to share.

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