We Are Master of the Earth

Written by Joe Dardano

God put us in charge of taking care of the earth. He gives us responsibility over His creation. Yet when we consider our role, we must look at ourselves as supreme over nature, not as less important to nature. Often in our cultural wars people accuse others of running roughshod over the environment like when someone hunts animals or cuts down a tree. People become vilified, charged with crimes and condemned in social media. Yet what does God say? God created man and women to be just a little lower than God (Psalm 8:5). People are given dominion over creation, as Psalm 8 expresses in verse 6 “you have put all things under their feet.” We are in charge over creation, not the other way around. Seen in this light we have an awesome responsibility to care for creation; not be subject to creation but know our role as stewards. A person is more important than a plant or animal. Any law or cultural norm that rearranges that priority devalues the dignity that God has given to humanity.

About the author

Joe Dardano

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