There is Meaning in Service

Written by Joe Dardano

Serving those who fear the Lord Jesus Christ is walking in the ultimate meaning and purpose of life. Human fulfillment is achieved when we drop our own interests and serve the needs of others, especially when we are serving those who fear God, who are believers in Jesus Christ (Psalm 15:4). By the same token we need Biblical wisdom to understand we need not do this for everyone we meet. In Matthew 7:6 God commands us not to “throw our pearls before swine.” Unrepentant criminals and enemies of God will only spit on you if you try to help them. Do not waste your time. Yes, God wants them to enter the Kingdom of God too, so encourage them to repent first then serve them. They must make a decision for Christ like everyone else. In the meatime, while they live in rebellion to God and His laws, they wont appreciate the good you do for them. But serving a brother or sister in Christ brings great happiness and rewards, in this life and the next. The story of Abraham serving angels at the Oak of Mamre is a good example of service to other believers (Genesis 18:1-10). Abraham and Sarah are rewarded for this service with the prophecy from the angels that their home would be blessed with the gift of a son—Isaac.

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