The Truth Matters

Written by Joe Dardano

Truth matters to people and it matters to God. When cars come to a stop sign, all drivers need to agree that the sign means “stop.” If messages are confusing, you will have chaos on the road. The same goes in business. Agreement needs to take place in regard to the exchange of money for services, and in many instances contracts are created to bring transparency, clarity and rule of law in order to usher in collective fairness. If the law is not respected, business will not gravitate to those communities and thus poverty sets it. Truth also matters in who you worship. If you worship Jesus Christ, you are worshipping the author of life, the Son of God the Father, who offers us eternal life if we believe in Him. If we worship ourselves, we won’t garner those promises given in the Holy Bible. We did not create ourselves nor did we chose to who we were born to. From the persepective of God looking upon the Earth, we are a speck of dust, yet he loves us and formed us from our mother’s womb (Palsm 139:13). So if you worshop a God who does not offer eternal life, you will not live forever. If you worship a God who does not set you free from your sins, you will be a slave forever (John 8:32). 

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Joe Dardano

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