The Secret to a Happy Life

Written by Joe Dardano

It is common sense that people want more happiness, joy and good things out of life and less grief, sadness and misery. It is safe to say, that this sentiment is universal to all people. The differences among the human race, are the various paths people embark on to pursue the better life. For the Christian or someone who wants to become a Christian, the answer lies in following Jesus Christ. To be more specific, the Scriptures make clear the primary cause of misery and negative life conditions–sin. In the Book of Romans, God teaches us that sin produces a spiritual death (Romans 7:11). Living in sin creates an emotional weight that drags the human person down into consequences that are not conducive to joy, freedom and happiness. The first step out of this pit is to repent and confess your sinful actions. Then we need to allow God to shape and form our minds to live faithfully in Him. A spiritual and emotional rebirth comes about at this stage (John 3:5). Once sin is confessed and we allow God to form us, we live in a new life in the Spirit; the result is that we come alive within and joy and inner happiness are the fruits. Why are we so happy now? God infuses us with His Spirit. In addition, we feel grateful that although we are sinners and committed sins (even though we knew those things were wrong) God forgives us nonetheless through his abundant grace and mercy (Romans 7: 24-25). Would’nt you be filled with joy if God loves you and died for you to cover the sins you commit? 

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Joe Dardano

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