The Joy of Being Together

Written by Joe Dardano

The current global isolation imposed on our populations becasue of COVID-19 has forced businesses, governments, educators and other sectors of society to communicate in more impersonal ways through video and other related methods. One temptation, when this Covid-19 crisis is over, is keeping some of these impersonal methods in place permanently because of cost. But is that the best decision for productivity and employee satisfaction? We know that in current circumstances, work is being accomplished with many people doing it remotely from their homes. Looking forward, is this the most fulfilling pathway for work and learning when taking into account the dynamics of the human person and his or her intrinsic needs? The Biblical answer is no. Alhough communication via more impersonal methods can create goals and accomplish tasks, the power of face to face communication is better: “I have much to write to you, but I do not want to use paper and ink. Instead, I hope to visit you and talk with you face to face, so that our joy may be complete” (2 John 1:12). This is a powerful verse signifying the greater degree of human fulfillment when communicating face to face versus through letters. Other verses like 2 Tim 1:4, John 15:11, John 17:13 and 3 John 1: 13-14 make the same point in slighly different ways. Although many institutions will force or permit employees to work in isolated environments, it is noteworthy to consider if that is the best way to get the most creativity and effort out of human beings.  

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Joe Dardano

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