Light and Darkness

Written by Joe Dardano

Both light and darkness are not only physical conditions we experience on earth but spiritual realities that we can enter into and exit from. We cannot change or control the sun from rising or falling tomorrow. That is in the power of God. We can permit the darkness of sin to enter our souls or expel the power of darkness to leave us at once. In terms of the condition of our souls, we have that power. That power needs to connect with the reality and Kingdom of Jesus Christ: “The people who walk in darkness Will see a great light; Those who live in a dark land, The light will shine on them” (Isaiah 9:2). Psychology is good, but it often neglects power outside ourselves. It emphasizes healing from past pain but does not take into consideration that there exists a power outside ourselves that can intervene, especially when humanity is entangled with sin. Therefore what we need to realize is that humanity has that power to both allow and expel darkness and permit the shining light of Jesus Christ to heal and overtake our souls. This is why New Age, with tea leaves, tarrot cards and horoscopes is not only superstition but takes away responsibility from humanity and push people to believe that somehow a destiny, outside their realm of power and control, is decided for them. Fate disempowers people and enfeebles them; it makes them weak by telling them they have no say on how their lives evolve. So when you read of “darkness” and “light” in the Bible, you are not only reading of the physical reality we experience around us, but also the power we all have within us to invite either one to rule our lives. 

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Joe Dardano

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