Joy Involves Trust

Written by Joe Dardano

As we wait upon Easter Sunday tomorrow, we welcome this Easter weekend in the seemingly dark circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of the world is prevented from attending church services. Indeed it is a challenging time to celebrate. But when we consider Christ’s willing sacrifice on the Cross, we will discover that the joy of eternal life offered to us was not ushered through comforts and known circumsances. Alot of things had to fall into place for our sins to be forgiven and for us to have the doors of eternal life open to us to choose. Yes, Christ was laid bare on the Cross. Yet events leading up to that moment were profound. First, Mary was given a message that she was to conceive a child of the Holy Spirit. Mary could have aborted that child out of fear, but she did not. The salvation of the world was at stake when she decided to say “yes” to God in this shroud of unknowing (Luke 1:38). Trust was involved here, and that trust eventually brings joy. The second event that invloved complete trust in God was when Jesus was born in a manger, and not the comforts of a hotel room or hospital or home (Luke 2:6). The third event I want us to consider is when Joseph and Mary lost Jesus in Jerusalem during the Festival of the Passover. The 12 year old Jesus was later found teaching the elders in the Temple (Luke 2: 41-49). All these events happened for a reason, as they point to the reality that God is in control. God will put us in circumstances where danger lurks and our lives threatened. But if we put our faith in Him, make the right choices, he will protect us. Just look at the journey he had Jesus go through. Eventually, trust in God the Father through all theses circumstances led to victory on the Cross.

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Joe Dardano

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