Jesus is The Way

Written by Joe Dardano

Jesus is the Way, Truth and Life, and nobody can come to the Father except through Jesus Christ (John 14:6). These are not my words, but words found in Holy Scripture. These are the words of Jesus Christ. It does not matter what people on Twitter think in regard to these words. It is irrelevant if these words strike an unpopular tone. Wisdom can originate from mass or mob expression just as easily as ignorance can emanate from there too. So criterion for discerning the efficacy of a tenant of belief need not depend on contemporary opinion. A spiritual truth should be tested through the measurement of time and expression of power. The belief that Jesus is the only way to God has experienced over 2000 years of history and has been the seed for countless miracles. Curious how many will argue that relativism must be the acceptable argument for truth and spiritual pathways; yet relativism is not as an accepted argument when discussing the validity of cultural signs or social norms. For example, one would appear ignorant if to argue that a “green light” means “go” in one community but mean “stop” in another neighborhood. It must be universally accepted as “go” in all neighborhoods or chaos ensues. Such is the way with God; either Jesus is THE WAY or he is not. What is that way? The early church were called People of the Way because they lived in a particular manner that went against popularly accepted ways of life. Early Christians loved their enemies, forgave when people sinned against them, returned good for evil, took care of widows and orphans, were charitable toward the poor, and lived by faith not by sight. Early Christians were mocked by contemporaries but their strength was based on the belief that the stone that the builders rejected was really the cornerstone (Psalm 118:22). Build your life around the foundation of Jesus Christ and your house will never fall.

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