Jesus is The Way

Written by Joe Dardano

No other Religious figure other than Jesus Christ can claim they died and rose from the dead. No other organized religion has another leader who pulled that off. Jesus died and rose on the third day, and he offers hope to those who live in misery and emptiness. Those who look at the futility of life that perishes in the material realm are given hope that true life exists in the invisible Spirit. True life rests on faith in Jesus Christ and giving our lives over to Him to lead us. In that way, we are given hope that our lives have meaning and substance. We can walk in the direction of faith, witnessing God make something out of nothing in our lives. That is the essence of faith which is held up by hope that something can come out of nothing; that out of the invisible air, something can be created and exist in the material realm. Jesus offers proof that this is possible because he defeated death, that universal fear that grips every human being (Isaiah 25:7). Jesus is The Path, The Way, the Ultimate Truth, with a Capital “T” (John 14:6). Yes, people can be saved if they do not consciously know Christ or follow him through organized religion. That is clear in Romans 2: 12-16. But how are they saved? They are saved because they incarnate the Law of God in their lives even though they do not know they are doing it. The law is written in their hearts; which, in fact, illustrates that Jesus is the Way, Truth and Life. He is the universal path to Salvation and it is reckoned on how you live your life. Is it in the Spirit of God? Are we living in the way Christ would live? Your actions are your words (Matthew 21: 28-32).

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Joe Dardano

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