God is Limitless

Written by Joe Dardano

You can try, but in reality you cannot put God in a box. God is much too large, immense and powerful to locate & minimize. Our living God is a magnificent, huge God that can do and move anything, anytime, to any place. Our job is to have faith that God is on our side and can step up to the plate to deliver. This requires the virtues of patience and faith. This point is clearly illuminated in the Biblical verse found in Leviticus 26:1 “Ye shall make you no idols nor graven image.” Yes God was referring the images of God that people effectively created in the form of idols of worship, like the golden calf. The creation of an idol like a statue has meaning that can effectively reduce the magnificence and grandiosity of God. In other words, when you look at a graven image, you are looking at a limited God, reduced in material form to a confined time and space reality. Seen in this way, you now understand that this is a false God, a God of a fultile and temporal mindset. The true God is the God of majesty, who turns water into wine, heals the sick and moves the waters of the sea.

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Joe Dardano

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