God Expands

Written by Joe Dardano

In 1929 Edward Hubble theorized that the universe is in constant expansion–Hubble’s Law. This scientific theory is in line with Biblical views on God, personal prosperity and success. God wants us to grow and prosper. Just as the universe expands outwardly, God wants us to grow and impact the world for His purpose (read, “Prayer of Jabez” which is based on 1 Chronicles 4: 9-10). God is all about abundance, giving, overflow, generosity and magnamity (Psalm 23:5). The devil is the architect of poverty, limitation and scarcity. The devil promotes contraction and limits. God, on the other hand, has placed the vision of limitless expansion on our hearts and designed the universe in the same way (Psalm 65:11). 

About the author

Joe Dardano

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