Babies–a sign of progress

Written by Joe Dardano

A sure sign that God’s people are on a path to progress is the creation of new life–making babies. In Jeremiah 23: 1-6 we find a description of how false prophets have led many astray. The result was the scattering of people all over the world. Another result was leaving God’s people alone and unattended. In these verses God vows to call his followers back together and unite them under the care of loving shepherds. Furthermore, in verse 3 we read that after being united, they “shall be fruitful and multiply.” The core teaching in God Loves Profit is that life, if lived to its fullness, embodies growth in all aspects of living. Growth in families is crucial to being part of God’s plan. He wants us to grow in numbers to impact the faith of unbelievers and to enhance our own prosperity. Unfortunately, our modern laws and cultural norms impose a twisted notion of personal rights and ignores responsibility toward life and growth. Being open to new life is being open to grow and prosper. Making more babies is not an isolated variable to prosperity but one of many variables. We mention this because scoffers will point out that rapid population growth happens in many poor countries–true enough. But people in those countries often lack other variables needed for prosperity. The decision to kill life in the womb, is a decision to impoverish your life and family. Expansion, growth, prosperity and thinking big is encouraged by God so that we can walk in his will in faith.

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Joe Dardano

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